In a moment clearly defined by God, Beth Stephens accepted the call into ministry when she was just twenty years old. While at a women's retreat with her church, she heard the audible voice of God and the Lord confirmed His plans for her the next day through another minister. Within a matter of weeks, she was invited to preach her first sermon.

Beth has been sharing the gospel with others now for more than twenty years. No matter where she is preaching, from a pulpit in rural America to a platform in Belgium to an underground church group in China, Beth's message always weaves the same thread of truth...the saving power of Jesus Christ is real and available for all who ask. Beth has a unique way of reaching out to others with warmth and grace, while encouraging an authentic, faith-filled Christian life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Beth grew up in a home where God was the center, and prayer was as natural as breathing. Some of her earliest memories of being made aware of God were of her mom holding her as a small child and praying. This environment cultivated a strong sensitivity towards the ways of God. Beth has been involved in ministry for as long as she can remember; singing, teaching, praying with others, and later the call to preach. The desire to serve the body of Christ and be used by God has resonated with Beth since she was a young girl. Since she has accepted the call, the Stephens' family is a strong support system for Beth and her ministry, often traveling with her to different meetings, and always praying for her. Her family is a top priority.

Trials make us stronger

Like anyone, Beth's life has not been without trials and testing. In 2008, she suffered the sudden and tragic loss of her 18-year-old niece, Deanna, and weeks later her father. Also, having been diagnosed as a teenager with a defective heart valve, Beth placed her faith and healing fully in God's hands. She underwent open-heart surgery in 2011, and had a successful and healthy her cardiologist's words, "a perfect valve repair!" God has proven His faithfulness time and time again.

Beth served as a youth pastor for a brief period and later as the associate pastor in Athens, Georgia for eleven years. Currently, she is serving the body of Christ as an evangelist and co-pastor in Griffin, Georgia. She travels extensively both in and out of the country spreading the truth of Jesus Christ. The message she shares is timeless in a world often pressed for time. Beth believes in delivering the Word of God in a powerful yet loving manner. Simply by being obedient to the Holy Spirit and allowing God to touch the hearts of His people, many lives have been changed through her ministry. Always quick to give God the glory for what He does in her meetings, she simply desires to be a yielded vessel.