Booking information

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our Invitation Request Form!  Beth is honored by every request and prayerfully considers each one according to the Lord's leading. For further information pertaining to booking, please see our Travel Requirements below.

  • Travel Requirements:
    We request reimbursement for travel to all scheduled events two weeks prior to date of arrival.
  • For events requiring six hours or more travel from Zebulon, Georgia, airfare reimbursement is requested for up to two coach tickets.  Due to the nature of Beth’s travel schedule, our office will arrange all airline reservations.
  • For events requiring six hours or less travel from Zebulon, Georgia, mileage reimbursement is requested at the current rate established by the IRS.
  • If a rental car is required, reimbursement for all incurring fees are requested.
  • Contact our office for listing of BSM Board approved hotels. The board considers safety precautions such as inside corridors, etc.