I can picture her now… weak, sick, depressed. It’s been too long; to be exact, twelve years too long. Mark tells us in Mark 5:25–26, that she had an issue of blood and everything the doctors had tried to do to help, only made things worse! To even make the matter more serious, she had spent all her money on these doctors! So now she is not only sick, weak, and depressed… now she’s also broke! What a horrible situation this woman has found herself in. But finally, a ray of hope! Someone passed by her apartment… Someone saw her looking out her window with the tear stained face. This woman was “unclean” so maybe the passerby should just keep on walking and ignore the desperation that was evident by her countenance. Maybe the passerby should just do what hundreds of other people were doing and mind their own business and let the poor lady manage things the best she could. The temptation was only a fleeting thought as the person begins to remember all they had witnessed being in the presence of Jesus, the Miracle Worker. Dead people had come back to life, fish and bread had multiplied, leprosy had miraculously vanished, eyes that had never seen were open, people who were once paralyzed were now running and leaping… It was all too marvelous not to tell! Did the person knock on her door? Did they shout it from the street below her? I really don’t know. But what I do know is they could no longer keep the good news to themselves! “Hey lady… I don’t know what is wrong with you, but there’s a man named Jesus who is about to pass through your town! He heals the sick and raises the dead! And I’ve even experienced His miracle power in my own life!!”

Most of you know how this story ends. Once the sick woman heard the good news, hope was created and faith was born. She mustered up enough strength and courage to leave her apartment, pushed through the crowd and touch Jesus’ clothes! And yes… She was immediately made whole! But today, we would not have this amazing miracle that so many have been encouraged by over the years if the passerby, the friend, the coworker had not taken the time to tell this desperate woman that her situation wasn’t impossible for Jesus, the Great Physician! Mark 5:27, “When she had HEARD of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.” For her to have heard, somebody had to tell. And in our generation, God wants YOU to be that “somebody”! In our modern age of Christianity, it seems we have been quick to pass people by and just remain silent. “What if they think I’m weird? What if they don’t agree with my theology? What if… What if?” Our enemy has used this tactic for years, but this story shows what can happen if one person will boldly take the risk and testify of the life-changing power of our Savior! If your marriage has been restored… Testify! If you’ve been healed of cancer… Testify! If you been delivered of an addiction… Testify! If your family has been saved… Testify! If the Lord has done ANYTHING for you… Testify! Your testimony may be all God needs to change someone’s life! Can the Lord depend on you?

God’s blessings always,