Take Another Look




Take Another Look

Everyone else has already gone home…and in the back of your mind, a nagging voice keeps telling you that you should have went with them.  What’s the use?  His body is gone and what can one person do about it anyway?  And on top of that, He’s dead!  What good will it do for you to find Him?  He can’t heal you, speak to you, touch you, help you!  But that soft, gentle nudging just won’t go away.  Memories begin to flood your mind…the time He cast out those seven demonic spirits that had plagued you for years, how He loved you when others considered you unloveable, when He saw worth in you when everyone else thought you were “all used up”.  You can’t leave yet!! You can’t just go home! You have to “take another look”!  Your miracle is only a breath away!!


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